Exile Brewing Company: North by Midwest

North by Midwest at Exile Brewing Company

My post this week is a little late, but I’ve been traveling this weekend and visiting friends in southeast Iowa. Last week I made my second trip to Exile Brewing Company at 1514 Walnut in Des Moines. Exile has quickly become one of my favorite spots. The food is amazing, I’m always impressed with the staff and I love the dimly lit, almost 1950s feel of their restaurant area.

The bar at Exile Brewing Company

The bar inside of Exile Brewing Company’s dining area.

On this trip, I decided to try Exile’s new specialty beer, the North by Midwest. This India pale lager, made with Northwest Hops, is the perfect beer for mid fall. It boasts a strong, golden color with an amber tinge and a light, fizzy head. The earthy aroma makes your mouth water and your nose crinkle with hints of fruit and grains.

North by Midwest starts smooth and light-bodied with a slight kick of bitter hops, but finishes strong like a lager should. While it is a pale lager, the bitterness is not overwhelming, sitting at only 38 international bitterness units (IBUs). It is a well balanced beer, with a 5.7 alcohol by volume rating, for the average American.

North by Midwest would go great with a hot dog or some popcorn at a post-season baseball game. It’s a great choice for lovers of Sierra Nevada‘s pale ale or any American pale ale.

Another view of Exile's dining area.

Another view of Exile’s dining area.

I’m always excited to see what Exile Brewing Company will come up with next, and in the future I hope to contact the owner, R.J. Tursi, to do a profile on this page. Stay tuned for new installments, and always remember to drink local!


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