515 Brewing Company: Undead Red

Undead Red beet ale at 515 Brewing in Des Moines

Since I collected all of my candy on Beggar’s Night, I decided to head out for a few drinks on Halloween night. I loaded up a friend and drove down to 515 Brewing Company at 7700 University Avenue in Clive. The tiny taproom of the nano-brewery was filled with ghouls, creatures and puns. Everything from the devil to deviled eggs were present. At the back of the room, Guru BBQ was serving tacos and everyone was enjoying a great beer.

Crowd at 515 on Halloween.

The crowd of costumed beer lovers at 515 Brewing on Halloween.

I looked at 515’s beer options and immediately landed on their pumpkin ale, thinking that it sounded appropriate for the season. But as I continued to scan, I found the Undead Red, a beet red ale colored like blood and designed specifically for the Des Moines Zombie Walk.

Undead RedUndead Red sits in the glass, crimson-colored and waiting to be tasted. Earthy aromas rose up from the cream-colored head and made my mouth water like a vampire’s just before a taste of blood. It has a hoppy, slightly bitter taste, sitting at 50 IBUs, with a hint of something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Undead Red is a great drink for Halloween if you want to go as a Zombie or a Vampire. People will be impressed that you chose a beer to complement your costume. It’s a good beer for the adventurous type who wants to try something new. It went great with the pub pretzels and other salty snacks that Hallows Eve at 515 had to offer.

515 Brewing equipment.

Brewing set up at 515 Brewing Company. 515 is classified as a nano-brewery, even smaller than a microbrewery.

I’m definitely looking forward to going back to 515 Brewing. As always, Iowa did not disappoint. The amount of good craft beer here has been quite surprising and I’m glad that I took on this task. I’ve currently been trying to get into contact with local brewers, so be on the lookout for a look into what goes into making great Iowa beer.


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