Backpocket Brewing Company: Jackknife


This past weekend I was back at home in southeast Kansas for a friend’s 21st birthday celebration. I decided to take home a taste of Iowa with me and maybe let him have a try. The celebration was fantastic and I got some much needed down time and some of my mother’s cooking.

painted brick at my parent's home.

A painted brick at my parent’s home.

The beer I decided to take home was Backpocket Brewing Company’s Jackknife. Backpocket is in Coralville, Iowa, and Jackknife is their American pale ale. It pours with a dark copper color and has a thin, effervescent head.

It has an earthy aroma with hints of nut and berry flavoring that is slightly sour. Jackknife is crisp and easy to drink. It has a bit of a bitter kick to it that hits at the back of your mouth and makes your palette pucker.

Cans and beer stein.

John Wayne commemorative Coors Banquet cans and National Finals Rodeo beer steins at my home.

It pushes almost into India Pale Ale territory with a 5.8 percent ABV. Most English and American pale ales don’t go any higher than 5.5 percent. It also lacks the buttery texture of an English pale ale and is a little darker in color.

Jackknife is a great beer for many occasions. It is perfect for the Midwest man or woman. It was named after a typical trusty jackknife. It’s always there for you.

Jackknife is great with just about any kind of food and would be a good choice for lovers of Sierra Nevada pale ale or New Belgium’s Shift.


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