West O Beer: Pilsner Lager

West O Pilsner

This week I had a nice dinner with my friend, Jordan, once again at the University Library Cafe. We caught up and had a couple of West O pilsners.

West O Beer is located in Okoboji, Iowa and brews a wide variety of beer. The Library Cafe keeps the West O pilsner on tap most of the year. It’s a great, easy-drinking beer for those wanting to ease their way into the craft beer scene.

Menu at the Library Cafe.

The menu and view from my booth at the University Library Cafe.

It is a very light, golden color and doesn’t have an extremely distinct aroma. It didn’t have much of a head. This pilsner is smooth and crisp. It did not have any distinct flavors, which is pretty typical of a pilsner; however, it did have a kick to the end of it. I couldn’t quite nail down the flavor of the after taste, but it added a nice tinge to the beer.

People at the Library Cafe.

Crowd at the Library Cafe all having a great time with friends.

The West O pilsner is a great pub beer for watching the game while enjoying a burger or laughing and sharing stories with some friends. Anyone could enjoy this crisp, golden beer, and beer drinkers from porters to pale ales could find themselves craving one from time to time.


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